Avoiding the Most Common Claim Process Errors

      The Global Providence Securities Litigation has created this new Web site with the powerful Global Providence Securities Litigation Online Claim Form Center to help you fill out your liquidation claim form. If you use the Center's step-by-step advice, you can avoid making the following errors:

  1. Improper identification. Typical mistakes include incomplete personal contact information or incorrect references to the brokerage firm involved in the claim.

  2. Missed deadlines. Make sure that you take the time to determine when the six-month deadline runs out on your claim.

  3. Incorrect entries. This is where use of the Global Providence Securities Litigation Claim Form Online Center process may be most helpful to you. It explains exactly what it is that can be claimed and how to put such information in the claim form. Some of the terminology involved in the liquidation process is complicated and the Global Providence Securities Litigation Online Claim Form explains what each and every key term means.

  4. Missing attachments. You must attach copies of all key documents that are relevant to your claim. Failure to attach such documents may result in delays or even, in some cases, denial of claims.

  5. Originals of attachments. You should never submit original documents to Global Providence Securities Litigation. Originals that are lost in the mail may be difficult or even impossible to replace in a timely way. Please make copies of all your attachments and then submit the copies of the attachments by certified mail.